To infinity and beyond is a chance for me to hopefully inspire others with the journey that my life has taken…. the good, the bad and the sometimes ugly!

Health and Wellbeing have been integral to my journey (and survival) and my passion is now to help others as a result of all that I have learned and am still learning. But my version of health and wellbeing is not one of restriction (unless it was needed medically), perfection or denial…. it’s all about balance and finding focus when I’ve needed it most. I’ve developed resilience, strength and courage and I’ve also had days when all three seem to have left the building!!!

I’m a 46 year old single mum with an extraordinary 17 year old daughter. I recently moved back to New Zealand  after 22 years in London  – pretty much my whole adult life to date. I’ve had a wonderful life ; an incredibly fulfilling career in fashion in one of the most exciting cities on the planet,  traveled extensively, met amazing people all over the world and built friendships that will last a lifetime – I’m incredibly lucky.

I also had life saving brain surgery nearly 4 years ago to remove a brain tumour. For this, I am also extremely lucky. Lucky to be here to write this blog, lucky to be a brain tumour survivor and lucky for the changes it brought to my life.

I have learned life is too short to take anything for granted. We have to treat ourselves and those around us with enormous respect and kindness – then grab life by the balls, giggle outrageously while you do it and soak up every adventure you can!!!

I hope you enjoy…. xx